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Algarve has been every foreigner's favourite slice of Portugal for decades now and surfers are no exception. Portugal is perhaps on top of the trip list for traveling surfers in Europe. 


Being on the corner of the Iberian Peninsula means the Algarve has the widest swell window in the country and regular offshores on the south coast. In Algarve lies a dizzying array of waves to suit all levels of surfers, from tentative beginners to seasoned pros.  

Prices from NOK 6 990,-



At our surf camp in Portugal you have high quality accomodation, breakfast and lunch.

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Professional coach

We belive in using high skilled coaches that are able to see individuals. In Portugal we have teamed up with Algarve Surf School witch is one of the oldest surf schools in Portugal.  We never have classes bigger than 8 people. 


Stay at Unstads oldest house. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and a sauna

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Surf gear

We have included everything you need to be surfing in the arctic water of Norway. We have thick wetsuits, boots and gloves so you will stay warm. From our collection of boards we will find one that fits your level of surfing


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