Q. Which airport do we fly to?
A. Colombo

Q. Are the dates of the surf camps fixed or flexible?
A. The camps are flexible. So if you have booked and payed for a camp but want to change the dates just let us know and we can help find the best date that suits you.

Q. Can we extend our stay?
A. Yes you can for sure! Nothing wrong with an extended stayin South Africa!!

Q. How do we get from Colombo to Midigama?
A. We can arrange a pick up for you. We have a reliable connection who offers the cheapest price and will get you all the way to the camp!

Q. Are the waves good enough for my level?
A. Yes! Sri Lanka has a lot of variety. There are a lot of fun gentle waves suitable for beginner through to intermediate surfers. There are also one or two advanced waves and we will take you to the best spot suited for your ability

Q. What about localism??
A. Our local surf coach is well connected and has many years of surf experience in the area. He is the man and is the best tour guide and surf buddy and coach you can have in the area!

Q. Should I bring my own surfboard and wetsuit?
A. We provide equipment for beginners and green wave surfers. If you have your own equipment you’re more than welcome to bring. The water is super warm so no wetsuit is needed at all!

Q. How warm is the water?
A. Between 27-31 degrees celcius.

Q. Isn’t the water super dirty and can it make you sick?
A. The rainy season washes a lot of dirt and rubbish into the ocean so you need to be careful not to swallow water. It is also good to wear ear plugs during that season. The dry season is fine! With clear and clean water.

Q. I cant find my answer in the FAQ.

A. Contact us through social media below and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.