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Presenting Algarve

Professional surf camps & Accommodation in Portugal.


 Are you looking for a surf trip to Europe? To a place with endless beaches and a chilled atmosphere, that caters surf for all levels? Look no further, Go Surf will take you to the Algarve coast, Portugal´s southernmost region. Here you will experience uncrowded breaks, both reef and beaches. A wide swell window and the warmest climate in Europe.

Portugal, Algarve

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Our camp is located in Sagres on the Atlantic coast. We cooperate with Algarve Surf School, one of the most renowned and oldest Surf Schools in Portugal. Offering lessons from highly qualified and dedicated surf instructors. A remote, and adventures town unlike any other destination in Portugal that will offer you everything from amazing surf sessions, to culinary experiences and enjoyable nightlife. The whitewashed village is situated at the western tip of the Algarve coast and offers dramatic scenery and an” End-of the world” feel.


With Lagos, only thirty minutes away makes this a premier holiday destination. Our destination offers a variety of surf spots for all levels of surfing. The beautiful sand bottom beaches give great beginner waves for first time surfers. If you are looking to ride your first green wave, we will help you get there with our high-class surf instructors. For the independent and more experienced surfers that are searching for performance waves Algarve coast has it all.